Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's All About the Demons

Book Review - Beautiful Demon Series

In her first young adult fantasy series Sarra Cannon has created an amazing world filled with vibrant characters.

Harper Madison has exhibited strange abilities in the past. Those same abilities have gotten her kicked out of foster home after foster home. Her last chance before winding up in Juvie is Shadowford Home in Peachville, GA. Now, she just has to survive Peachville High School, where the cheerleaders are more than they appear to be. Harper will soon realize it was no coincidence she was brought to Peachville. This town has a secret past and it's somehow tied to her.

Throughout this series Harper learns a lot about herself, her abilities, and her personal conection to this town. She also finds herself torn between two guys, the star of the football team and the bad boy who seems to be shrouded in his own mysteries.

There are currently three books available in the series. Beautiful Demons, Inner Demons, and Bitter Demons.

This series has me hanging on waiting to see what will happen next in the life of Harper Madison and the rest of the Peachville residents. According to Sarra's website,, perhaps her readers won't have to wait too long for the fourth installment in the series, Shadow Demons. It is undergoing edits now.

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