Friday, May 27, 2011

Gladius and the Bartlet Trial - J.A. Paul


I love reviewing all different kinds of books, and while I loose myself in them, I have to say I also enjoy getting to know some of the authors who contribute to those pages. I had the pleasure of corresponding back and forth a bit with J.A. Paul before I ever read his book. I liked him right from the start and had a feeling his writing style would be just as engaging. He did not disappoint me!

Gladius and the Bartlet Trial is the perfect story for middle school aged children through adults who are yearning for a new adventure. The Bartlet Trial is a test of a young Wiggin's ability to survive one full lunar cycle in the dangerous Longwood Forest. The main character, Gladius, sets out on his very first adventure through the forest and, after having been regaled with his father's and brothers' adventures over the years, he sets out with some pretty large shoes to fill. Beyond having to bring home tales of bigger and better adventures, Gladius is also counted on to bring home prize money for his trial that will pay the taxes to help his family keep their farm. Along the way the 15 year old Gladius runs into some pretty strange and dangerous creatures. He also makes some new friends and joins in aiding them against the evil tyrant, Mulhurt.

Gladius and the Bartlet Trial was as charming as it was captivating. As a parent I would have no problem with my nine year old advanced reader picking this book up, which he has already asked to do. I feel I must add here that both of my boys (ages 9 and 12) do tend to judge books by their covers first and they have both ogled the cover in my Kindle selection window and begged to be the first to read it. I believe the exact words were: “Ohhh, that one looks cool, I got dibs!” Luckily for them, there's more to this book than the cover - much more! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. It was perfectly paced, extremely well written, and had absolutely no bad language in it at all. As a parent to avid readers I can't ask much more than that. I simply can't wait to read more from J.A. Paul!

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