Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: My Life With a Blond

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Have you ever looked at your family and thought to yourself, “this can't be happening,” or “only in my family!” Well, think again! Take a walk on the blond side with Jax Hix as she guides you through an hilarious tour of the often clueless, very blond antics of her family. Chronicles of My Life With a Blond will have you laughing out loud as you read, and maybe even thinking, “I'm not alone!”

I took it slow and spent a few days getting to know the quirky family in the book and laughing as they managed to bumble through life with some unexpected consequences. After reading it I immediately knew that this would be a favorite book to tuck away and break out for some light reading here and there when I need a laughter pick-me-up!

One section of the book starts out:
Blonde-Spouse, "I think I'll change that bulb in the bedroom light fixture..."

Can you see where this is headed? It ends with:
Being married to a walking blonde joke: definitely priceless frustration.

You have to go read the book to find out what happens in-between!

Chronicles of My Life With a Blond is a must read for anyone who has lost their sense of humor with their own family! When you find yourself thinking, “it really can't get any worse,” Jax Hix is there to tell you that when you are married to a blond - it really can!  And all you can do is sit back and laugh about it later!

Treat yourself to a smile and go grab a copy of this fantastically funny trip into the life of a brunette struggling to live blonds!

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