Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: Killer Temptations

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Let me start with the age warning. This is an erotica novel, ages 18 and up only.

With that out of the way, let me also say, I don't normally read erotica. To me "erotica" means one big sex story tied together with a loose plot. 

Killer Temptations is not your typical erotica. The story was phenomenal. We've all been in some deep dark places in our lives and this book explores the "what if" side to a person's desperation. What if you were made an offer you couldn't refuse, when you needed it most?

Danity O'Shae doesn't skimp on the detail, nor does she shy away from building her characters, or setting the scene. There are no shortcuts. I found myself truly involved with the characters, something I didn't think would happen from a book in this genre. 

While the book ties up the loose ends, I still want to know more. What happens to the characters in the long run? You know that you've just read a good book when you still care about what is going to happen to the characters long after that last page has turned.

Danity O'Shae has a very clean writing style that seduces the reader further into the tale, until you are completely enthralled as the pages continue to turn! Killer Temptations was a great read that may have just turned me on to a little more erotica in my life! If you already read in the genre, then this one will be a treat!

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