Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: Eden

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Product Description: "... the last days are not unfolding exactly as written, but make no mistake - Heaven and Hell have fallen to Earth."

When an earthquake plunges the world into darkness, Alexandra Contreras struggles for survival and seeks answers. Guided by a mysterious, scarred man, she braves the wasteland in search of humanity's mythical birthplace: Eden. Once confronted with her tragic destiny, she must make a decision which will alter the fate of the world.

Before I start this review, I have to say, this is the second book I have read in a month's time that has mentioned The Book of Enoch. After reading this fantastic novel, I am also beginning to think maybe someone is trying to send me a message!  ;)

In all honesty, I wasn't sure I would like Eden. I glimpsed a few reviews before sitting down with the book to get a better feel for it, because I didn't really get a lot from the product description. Upon scanning a few Amazon reviews I quickly realized this was going to be a highly religious / religion based book and I just wasn't sure I was up for the read.

I must say though, from the moment I picked Eden up and was immersed in Alexandra Contreras's world I was enthralled and there was no going back. The book begins firmly in the midst of an apocalypse and follows Alexandra and others through their journey to Eden. Both heaven and hell have fallen to Earth making the journey there difficult. 

The characters, the survivors, are astounding in their detail. They are so amazing, in fact, that you forget they are fictional. The characters, their interactions, discoveries, love, and endurance keep you in this book as much as the constant adventure of surviving an apocalypse. Be prepared to sit and read and read and read until you finish this book, because it literally demands your attention.

Eden is absolutely a fantasy novel, and while it is wrapped around and soaked in religion/ religious stories it was never preachy. Everything had its place within the story. This is a book that will make you think, question, and wonder. Those are the stories that stick with you over time, when other works of fiction are long forgotten. Eden will stay with me, just as The Celestine Prophecies did after reading it many years ago. Any work of fiction that can make you want to research more, know more, and believe more all while entertaining you deserves a place on your book shelf - be it the furniture variety or an electronic one. 

One last note: I will definitely be reading / reviewing Matthew C. Plourde's other book, The Antaran Legacy: Book 1very soon! His writing style and ability to create phenomenal characters have me certain that I will love whatever he comes up with next!

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